EXCLUSIVE Interview with Independent Wrestling Star Broderick Shaw!

This weekend I exclusive interview with Broderick Shaw. Broderick Shaw is a professional wrestler for Mid-Ohio Wrestling, Magnum Pro Wrestling, and Wrestling and Respect (WAR). In the interview we discussed his career, his goals in wrestling, Nancy Grace, and the perception of steroid use in modern wrestling. Here is what he had to say.

How did you get your start in to wrestling? Did you got a wrestling school, or are you self taught?

 I was always a fan growing up. I remember watching NWA with the Four Horsemen on Saturday night on TBS. I basically got             involved from a challenge from Ray Rowe. We used to workout at Powerhouse.  He said I should tryout. So I did. Passed the tryout and began training with Ray Rowe, Lou Marconi, and J-Rocc. I trained there for about 6 months when the school closed. From there I went to a school where Ricky Shane Page, Chris Kole, and Luis Diamanté were training people. I trained there for 3 months until they lost their building. After that, I hooked up with Lamont Williams.  I trained there for about 4 months. I still train today. I believe you never stop learning. I go to ASWA and train with Jimmie Lee and Sless Taylor now when I have free time.

What kind of career goals do you have, and what goals do you currently have with Conspiracy Theory faction?

I have a lot of different goals. One is to get better every time I go out. Of course WWE is the ultimate goal. But, with me being a little older I’m realistic about the odds of that happening. My future goals are Japan, TNA, ROH. My short term goals are OCW (Ohio Championship Wrestling), AIW (Absolute Intense Wrestling), AAW (All American Wrestling), and Canada.  I reached one of goals already by working for WAR. My goals with Conspiracy Theory is to win the tag straps.

What would you say has been the highlight of your wrestling career thus far?

The highlight of my career so far has to be working for WAR and MOW. My matches with Sherman Tank and Brian Beech. The overall people I have meet and friends I have made.

I know you are working with Mid-Ohio Wrestling and Magnum Pro Wrestling, are you there any other companies you are working with? What are your thoughts on Mid-Ohio and Magnum?

Right now I also work for WAR, PWR, HKW.  I have some bookings coming up in Indiana, PWF in Kentucky,and Proving Ground in Illinois. As far as Mid Ohio goes, it’s a awesome place to work. Great promoter, great workers, good crowd, great locker room, and some good vets to learn from. Magnum is also a good place to learn. Lot of guys who have been around that are willing to help us younger guys out.

How did the group Conspiracy Theory come to be and how long have you guys been a group?

Conspiracy Theory got it’s name from Brandon X. Was basically a lot of rumors going on about his health. So he came up with it during a promo.  He was replaced by Reznik. We’ve been taggin for 7 months.

You have worked with Sherman Tank in the past, and have an upcoming match with him May 17 for Mid-Ohio Wrestling, what is it like to work with a guy of his size? Is there any special preparation you do leading up to the match?

Sherman is a great worker. He is a very knowledgeable vet. He is really agile for his size. He is also strong. I’ve wrestled him a few times so I kinda have a feel for what he does. As far as preparing, I stretch a lot. Try to stay loose.  Think about what I want to do in the match. Try and stay relaxed.

Magnum Pro Wrestling has its annual Harbor Cup Tag Team Tournament for the Tag Team Titles, will you and Sean Riznikk be participating in the tournament?

 I’m hoping we’re in the Harbor Cup. We want those belts pretty bad and we want a rematch with Joey (The Snake) and Isaac (Montana) (Joey and Isaac are known as the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew).

What were your thoughts on Nancy Grace’s comments regarding the death of The Ultimate Warrior, and her comments regarding the wrestling business in general in regards to steroid use?

I think Nancy Grace is a complete moron by the comments she made. She is so misinformed. She really showed her ignorance during that interview with DDP and her misinformation on Owen Hart. I think she really needs to issue a public apology.

I think there is an overall misconception in the media and modern day society in regards to steroid use and wrestlers, as a wrestler how does that make you feel? Also, from your experience is steroid use still a common thing in wrestling?

 I don’t let the misconception bother me. You can’t change the way people think. People think every big guy is on it. It’s ridiculous. You have to bust your butt in the gym and eat right too. No one realizes the time it takes to build muscle. I’ve been lifting for 20 yrs.  I’m in the gym 5-6 days a week.  I don’t think steroids are any more common in wrestling as they are in the NFL, MLB, or MMA.

If you agree that overall wrestlers get a bad rap for steroid use, what do you see as possible solutions to educating the media and general public about the reality of the situation?

 You have to stop the media from spreading lies basically.  They report on rumors and and what their “sources” tell them. Not every wrestler is on steroids. Just like not every football player and baseball player is on steroids. Correlation is not causation.

Finally, is there any upcoming events or matches that you would to let people know about?

There some shows that are upcoming that are going to be good. AIW is on 4/25. A lot of good workers on the card. Some of my upcoming shows are May 3rd WAR in Lima, OH, May 4th PWR in Erie, PA, Mid Ohio May 17th in Akron, OH, and the DBI Tournament May 30 in Canton, OH.

You can follow Broderick Shaw on Twitter at @BroderickShaw20

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